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We take you from start to finish, from idea to aftercare
More than 437 reviews with 5 stars from customers who preceded you
6 artists within our studio, each with their own specialty and style

Our artists

Below you will find the artists from Ink Panthers!

In 2019 we (Robin & Jennifer) opened Ink Panthers tattoo studio in Echt. We wanted to open a business where tattoo artists can practice their tattoo arts in full focus and with their own creativity. And where customers can feel very comfortable. Rocky, Quincy & Artur have been there from the start! Beau is now also one of our full-fledged artists, after an apprenticeship with Jennifer in 2020. We met Daniele, our Italian friend & colleague at a tattoo convention years ago. Daniele & his family have now taken the step and emigrated from Sardinia. Daniele is now with us full time.

In short you can see which styles we offer. For portfolio work, click on the photos.

Reservation / booking

Our tattoo atelier suit you if you;

Want an unique design

Think quality is important

Your idea fit with one of our artists

If you want to be sure of a good tattoo

Looking for honest advice and expertise

Be understood professionally 

Think aftercare is also important

Explore our Art-Store

In our art store you will find art made by our artists.

You can also order gift vouchers here!

  • What does a tattoo cost?
    That is a difficult question to answer. This depends on many different factors such as; what style, amount of details, black and gray or color, how big, what placement and etc. If you want to discuss an idea, you can schedule a meeting without obligation. We will give an indication of price OR an hourly price depending on the project and the artist. Our hourly rates start from +/- €160.
  • Can one of your artists put their own or existing design?
    This is sometimes possible for your own design. That depends on whether this suits one of our artists and the design will probably get adjustments to make the design beautiful as a tattoo. We do not copy or copy existing designs. Every artist will make a new design with the important elements. If you really want your tattoo to be exactly (or as much as possible) the same as the existing design, then unfortunately we cannot help you.
  • Kan ik mijn design vooraf te zien krijgen?
    Het korte antwoord is, nee. We sturen/tonen geen designs vooraf. Tijdens de bespreek afspraak laten we voorbeelden zien om richting te geven aan het idee. Daarnaast worden er notities gemaakt met bijvoorbeeld de elementen die er in komen en de plaatsing van de tattoo. Ook wordt er tijdens de bespreek afspraak een keuze gemaakt bij welke artiest het idee het beste past. Het portfolio van de artiest geeft dan ook een goed voorbeeld wat je kwa stijl zou kunnen verwachten. Aan de hand van de voorbeelden en notities die verzameld zijn tijdens de bespreek afspraak, gaat de artiest aan de slag met het design. Dit design krijg je te zien op de dag van de tattoo afspraak. Mochten er kleine aanpassingen nodig zijn, dan doen we dit op de dag zelf. We begrijpen heel goed dat dit extra spannend kan zijn. Op deze manier zorgen we voor een stukje vrijheid voor de artiest om iets unieks voor je te maken. Daarnaast kan de artiest, wanneer je hier bent, uitleggen waarom bepaalde keuzes gemaakt zijn. Wil je persé je design vooraf zien? Dan zijn we helaas niet de juiste match voor je ☺️.
  • What should I take into account for my tattoo appointment?
    If this is your first tattoo appointment, it can always be more exciting! We recommend everyone to be well rested before the tattoo appointment. A good night's sleep, eating beforehand and not having consumed alcohol the day before the tattoo appointment can certainly help to get through the tattoo session. Especially with a long session of +/- 4-6 hours. If you have a long session or a tattoo in a fairly open area such as chest/abdomen, back, it may be nice to bring: pillow, bathrobe and a blanket for the cold :-) .
  • Can I bring my child/baby to the tattoo appointment?
    We understand that arranging a babysitter can sometimes not always be convenient. If you have scheduled a tattoo appointment, we kindly ask you to take this into account. Our working environment is not suitable for young children.
  • How do I care for my tattoo?
    In principle, we recommend leaving the foil on for about 1-2 hours. Then wash with the tattoo soap that you will receive. Then wash 1 x a day for the next few days and lubricate very thinly 3 - 4 times a day with the aftercare cream received. Leave your fresh tattoo alone as much as possible. We will give you more information on the day itself about what is and what is not.
  • Can I park at your place?
    We are right in the center of Echt, but parking is free. You can easily park on Ursalinaplein / Maaseikerpoort. At 3 minutes walking distance from our tattoo studio. NB! a number of driving in front with a blue line is max. 2 hours parking.


Bovenstestraat 8
6101 EK, Echt (Nederland)

Tel: +31(0)475-480135 

Email: info@ink-panthers.com


Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 - 18:00*

* We work by appointment. Our opening hours may therefore sometimes differ. 
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